Stellaris RainbowLED (qs-rgb) Colour Fix

I have just received my two TI Stellaris Launchpads, and have been having a quick look at the software and usage. So far, it seems very impressive (especially given the promotional price) and the power and complexity of the ARM chip used is clear just looking at the default program installed. There is, however, a slight error in the software. On my two boards, if in a terminal you enter:

> rgb 00FF00

instead of the expected full green, it’s blue. Likewise, 0000FF gives green, not blue. This is obviously not a massive issue, but if you want to fix it simply replace lines 156 and 157 in the rgb_commands.c file with:

g_sAppState.ulColors[BLUE] = (ulHTMLColor & 0x0000FF) << 8;
g_sAppState.ulColors[GREEN] = (ulHTMLColor & 0x00FF00);

Recompile, and you’re done!