Future of the Eagle library

Well, it’s been rather a long time since I last posted anything here – it’s been a hectic couple of years! One of the most enduringly popular items has been my small Eagle library, and thanks to everyone who has used it (and will continue to use it) in the future. Eagle has been acquired by Autodesk, and they’ve rolled out their new subscription pricing model promising to be cheaper and more accessible to everyone. This is contrast to their old one off payment model, but instead of an old (and rather reasonably priced) license chugging on for years, you now have to continue chugging out money. I was very close to upgrading to a paid Eagle, mainly for 4-layer support, but that’s not going to happen now and Eagle, much as I’m quick and effective in it, is not in the same league as Altium.

This prompted me once again to look at KiCad, and it seems that the involvement of CERN and perhaps a growing userbase has improved its quality immensely. As it is completely free and open source, and offers everything Eagle does and more, I’ve decided to no longer update the Eagle library and make the move over to KiCad. Perhaps a new KiCad library will be coming, at least once I’ve got my head around the workflow..!


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