More Eagle library updates

A long delay, caused by work and continental relocations. It’s been a while since I’ve actually updated the online version of the library, but here it is. Components added are:

  • 742G34 – dual gate 7434 buffer
  • AVRISP – Atmel AVR ISP header
  • BSL215 – dual N MOSFET
  • BSS84 – N MOSFET
  • DUOLED-CA – Common anode dual LED
  • DUOLED-CC – Common cathode dual LED
  • J111 – J11x series N-FET
  • KCSA02 – 7-segment display
  • LD6806 – LDO regulator
  • LT3032 – dual pos/neg LDO regulator
  • LTC4627 – 4 digit 7-segment display
  • MAX1693 – USB current over protection IC
  • MCP100 – microcontroller supervisor IC
  • MCP1700 – LDO regulator
  • TPS61093 – boost mode switch regulator
  • USB-A – SMD USB-A connector

Thanks for the continuing downloads, well over 2000 now! As ever, you can download the library from Github. Please note, the Dropbox link is no longer supported or updated.


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