Eagle library updated

Some more updates for the Eagle library. The link is at the bottom of the post. I’m currently writing up my DPhil (PhD), hence fewer updates (if that’s possible!). I’ve ordered some more boards and parts, so should have some more things up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, the updates are:

  • 78xx regulator in SOT-223
  • LM317 variable linear regulator in SOT-223
  • LM337 variable negative regulator in SOT-223
  • LP38692 linear regulator in SOT-223
  • Panasonic ELF 15N common mode AC filter (nb, silkscreen on the bottom side)
  • INA219 in SOT23-8 (SOT363-8)
  • PIC16F883 in DIL28, SOIC28, and SSOP28
  • PIC32MX4xx in TQFP64
  • Alps 4-way navigation switch SKQUAAA010

As ever, I hope these are useful and any questions please let me know.
Download the library here.





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