Public Eagle library released

In the course of making projects, I’ve made up a number of components in Eagle libraries. Unfortunately, these are now scattered between computers and projects. As an attempt to keep future projects all together, and also to provide them for anyone else who would like them, I’ve decided to put up a public link to my now single library. I’ll update the library and list of components periodically. The .zip file contains the library (AWJLEagleLib.lbr) and a list of the components (AWJLEagleLib.xls). The items that are marked in green with Verified? Yes have been made on to boards, those in yellow with Verified? No have not, so please check them carefully! If you do use, please let me know and I’ll update them to verified. The link is below. I hope you find it useful and feel free to link to any of your own projects.

Current library file

This contains: 0805 ferrite bead, PIC16F1827 and PIC16F1847 microcontrollers in DIL and SOIC, and a 3-digit 7-segment display (HDSP-433G)


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