A very quick KiCad board update

After finally finding time, if not all the right parts, to start soldering the preamp board (see previous post) there are a couple of quick observations to fill the time until the next post, which will have files included with it:

  1. The resistor and capacitor pads in 0805 SMD cases look too small to solder on, but are actually not too bad. They’re a little less forgiving than the default Eagle pads, overall though that’s one less thing to worry about. I haven’t tried the SSOP packages yet, but they look substantially more tricky.
  2. On closer inspection, ie actually soldering on the boards, the quality of the BatchPCB boards has dropped significantly. The silkscreen is fuzzy and a number of the drill holes are not centered. For the time being, I will move over to Dorkbot PDX for PCBs as the quality is excellent, and you get the bonus of 3 boards instead of 1 for a similar price and usually faster turn around. That that multiplies the number of potential coasters by 3 is another matter..!

That’s all for now, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish up the project in the next couple of weeks and post up some more information and files.


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